Im not a feminist… but?

I don’t understand why.. in this day in age, we are still suggesting women as the weaker sex.
I understand in terms of physical form and muscle mass; the science of male to female ratios that men.. in the calossol majority are the stronger sex.
But in normal life, coming from a woman that spent half of her childhood learning from watching her father build, roof, garden, build a trike. I have out done men many of times, women are merging into male dominated jobs, they are builders, farmers, carpenters, policewomen, soilders, firefighters and you may forget, during war women took over all of the male jobs and basically ran the country whilst the men were away, this all proves that it’s possible for women to be equally as strong as men.

We all go on so much about how everyone is equal and that we should all do what we are passionate about and how women are taking over the world. (Just listen to every little mix song if you’re not caught up😂)
But still women are always seen as the weaker more vunerable person, until convinced otherwise, more often than not.
Moving on to terms such as, of walking home at night, violent relationships, emotional abuse, mental health.
Why are we still telling women specifically to not walk home alone at night?! In the chance that a man might come after us. Men are trusted to work alongside us, to look after our children, to fix us when we are poorly, why then at night and behind closed doors do they suddenly turn into these monsters that we must be afraid of. Why are men not seeing us as monsters that they must be wary of at night too, seen as we are the sex that can push humans out, feed from our bodies and have such up and down emotions to deal with due to the reproductive system.

Why are we not telling everyone at night not to walk home alone?!
Any person could get jumped, Male, Female Young, Old. Any person can be victimised and targeted at their most vunerable. We see it in the news daily. So why aren’t we teaching every one to have awareness at night. Males in my mind are likely to be targeted at night with violence as much as women are so why are we only telling the girls to get a lift home or walk in a group. EVERYONE is vunerable.
Im not trying to scare everyone or say that no one should be out at night. Im just baffled as to why we are more worried about some more than others.

The most baffling thing to me is; why are we having to talk like this? Why are these crimes happening?
This sort of offence needs to be bought the attention of young people in a manner that includes every person and every offence.
I feel like as responsible grownups we should be teaching people and children that it’s not ok to hurt people or act threatening. Why do teenagers feel the need to act threatening to protect themselves and their pals?
Are we looking into why these people are looking for fights and why these people set out to hurt innocent people?

I ask alot of rhetorical questions, that some day maybe I’ll find the answer to.

But for now.. if your telling me to be safe at night.. tell my brother too!