Does Mary Poppins return..

Here i am the daughter and granddaughter of 2 precious sweeps and the granddaughter of an ex nanny. Poppins has as long as i can remember been my favourite film. Forever singing chim chim cheree, i spent many minutes explaining to my friends that sweeps still exist and taking a great interest in history. I always saw Poppins as my grandma and Bert as my grandad; or dad when grandad retired. I’ve watched it too many times to count and i pretty much know everyword and musical timing.

Grandad & Dad- my lucky sweeps!💞

My obvious reaction to hearing of a new Poppins film was an instant cringe and i have been sceptical about the thing ever since. I saw many trailors and adverts to the point where i had to skip past them because i didnt want to get an opinion until i was in that cinema.

Here are my thoughts.. (remember i’m a die hard fan and may be comparing a little too much).

Emily Blunt definitely took it on in good stride and did her best to convey Julie Andrews original mood and finesse of ‘practically perfect in every way’, but too adding her own originality and personality to the returning mary. She somewhat made Mary more forgiving and laid back. To the point where i said “oh Mary, thats not you at all” and shook my head in the ‘royal doulton music hall’ scene; where you see Mary change her hair and sing in a cockney accent, but i loved it come the second viewing! I feel much the same with Lin-Manuel Miranda, being a new character he gets away with not having to reinvent Bert but still somewhat having to live up to the glee and companionship he brought to Mary in 1910! He also was a more laid back character; less enthusiam for adventure but i felt more sensativity. I feel Jane really did remind me of childhood Jane but Michael just didnt seem right to me, i feel like they wanted to have him echo his father, he just didnt bring the ‘oh my, its grown up Michael’ which is what i got from Jane, on the other hand the casting of the children was spot on; i couldn’t believe the likeliness between little Georgie Banks and Michael in the original! 

The only negatives i would pick fault with was pure visibility of bmxs in the ‘trip a little light fantastic’ scene, they deffo didnt have them in 1930 whether i failed a-level history or not!

All round good musical film! I applaud disney and every person involved for having the balls to do a sequel to such a pure classic.